Approximately 43.1% of all websites use WordPress, one of the most well-liked content management systems. In order to best keep a WordPress website up and running, finding suitable maintenance and support should be a top priority.

Choosing a suitable WordPress Hosting Provider means ensuring that you are offered server space and services to host your websites.

Multiple factors, such as 99.9% Uptime, performance, security, scalability, and backup solutions, are all offered by the right WordPress Hosting Provider.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosting providers are offering hosting specifically optimized for WordPress, with built-in features and automated updates for ease-of-use.

What is WordPress Maintenance?

While most hosting providers maintain site servers, most don’t offer hands-on updates and support that cater to specific website needs. WordPress Maintenance includes the following:

Common WordPress Maintenance Tasks


Bakcups are necessary to ensure total control in the event that a site needs to be restored. Backups are often to be provided on a daily basis, some even hourly, to ensure that everything is secure around the clock.

WordPress Core

WordPress core makes up the basic functionality of WordPress. It is the collection of files which includes:

  1. Access to the WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Add and edit posts and pages
  3. Manage users
  4. Upload media files
  5. Delete content
  6. Add tags and categories
  7. Embed videos
  8. Allow users to reply and comment

and much more

Continuously growing, WordPress core updates include security, as well as new features or updates.

Oftentimes when a security problem arises, WordPress releases an updated version of Core, along with an explanation to clarify the reason for the flaw.

Therefore, updating in a timely manner is essential for WordPress.

Theme & Plugin Updates

Bought themes or this party plugins are subject to change for the same reasons. Knipping these security holes or adding new and improved features at least once a quarter is a good way to keep your site up to date.

Let’s not negate that it’s always easier to update to minor versions rather than one major release.

Transients & Caching

What caching generally means is the storing of a ‘snapshot’ of a website that is reserved on your browser to assist in faster load times whenever you visit the website.

Caching can be done in a number of ways: a host will cache or a third party caching plugin or service.

WordPress uses transients, which allows web developers to add more caching, for specific database questions, which is needed for large or complex websites.

Database Optimization

Since the content on websites is continuously updated, the continuous addition can get messy and make it harder to maintain. Therefore, support offers thorough cleanup, followed by backup!

The Importance of WordPress Maintenance and Support

Well, to answer, ‘What happens if you don’t maintain your WordPress website?’. The answer is, A LOT! Search engines will forget about your website. It will almost only exist.

SEO, performance, and user experience are ever evolving, therefore, without the proper updates, your website will cease to exist.

That’s not to mention the risk of security since the website would be poorly maintained.

Maintaining your website with the right kind of support ensures that your website is secure against website attacks and that you stay current with SEO trends, which therefore allows you the ability to grow your website and use new, updated features!

Collectively, you are able to drive more traffic and, therefore, more conversions overall.

What to Expect from Web Maintenance and Support

Response Time and Resolution

Response time refers to the time it takes for the support team to acknowledge and respond to a question, concern, or doubt. Customers facing a problem are oftentimes looking for a way to have their issue resolved in under 10 minutes.

It is important that the support team be transparent about their average response and resolution time to understand their efficiency in handling support requests.

Support Quality

There are certain things to consider when handing over your website to a tech support team. Professionalism, expertise, friendliness, and effectiveness rank the highest when it comes to evaluating the quality of customer support.

24/7 support is necessary since any issue can come up at any given time.

We know what you’re thinking: everyone says they host 24/7 support, but either they’re late on their responses or they take weeks to respond. This is both ineffective and unreliable for your website's performance.

In order to best do your research, read online reviews, testimonials, and feedback on websites such as TestPilot for the pros and cons.

The images shown are indicators of the reviews regarding one of the top support websites.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Support and maintenance offer services like WordPress installation, updates, security audits, and performance optimization, which assist them with theme/plugin configuration, troubleshooting, and website migrations.

Cost Considerations

In order to best choose your support, consider the different levels of support and services offered. What does the support team bring to the table?

Do not put all your eggs in one basket, since in order to get the best support, it is necessary that you pay for the service you need.

Quality support is worth the investment and the assurance of a smooth running website.

The Best WordPress Maintenance and Support Service: GuruDesk

GuruDesk offers managed hosting solutions for WordPress and WordPress Ecommerce. They handle all technical aspects of your website; providing a dependable and trustworthy team allows you to focus on growing your business, omitting the need for in-house IT services.

Top Features of GuruDesk’s Managed WordPress Hosting

Performance, Reliability, and Uptime

GuruDesk offers its customers a lightning-fast WordPress hosting solution that loads in under 3 seconds and has high performance functionality with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.


In order to best protect your business and customer data, GuruDesk’s WordPress hosting includes SSL Certificates by default and a three layer firewall that ensures protection and trust.

24/7 Support

Resolving all technical issues promptly and preventing them from reoccurring, GuruDesk’s managed hosting solutions grant dedicated technical professionals around the clock to help with any issues that may arise, whether it be server maintenance or troubleshooting.


GuruDesk’s default instant backups ensure protection against unexpected technical issues, granting peace of mind knowing your digital assets are in good hands.

WP Core, Themes, and Plugins

Your WordPress or WooCommerce store will remain up-to-date and fully functioning at all times. GuruDesk’s hosting solutions leave your site running on the latest and most secure version available.

Search Engine Optimization

In order to best keep track of your website’s performance, GuruDesk’s managed hosting services for WordPress and WordPress Ecommerce include SEO tracking and reports to help you efficiently update your website.

Benefits of GuruDesk Hosting Services

If you were to put your trust in the Gurus, the experts, your business would be placed first. We know, we know, it’s all a bunch of words, but GuruDesk aims to take care of the technicalities to make room for you to focus on your business.

Offering their customers free domains, email hosting, and SSL Certificates with every purchase plan is just the start.

Their support team truly helps and bases their company on being transparent and honest about their capabilities.

If you’re tired of buying into a hosting provider that doesn’t place support as an important pillar, GuruDesk allows for free migration to better suit your overall needs.

What GuruDesk Can Do for You

GuruDesk can offer you speed, SEO optimization, high performance, and, more importantly, a free domain, email hosting, and SSL Certificate license. Not to mention that if you’re already using another hosting provider that is restricting your website's growth, you will be able to migrate and receive free hosting for a month.

It sounds like a good deal, if you ask us.