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Website Health Audit - Free SEO Analysis

Websites are like living entities, demanding constant maintenance for peak health. If your website isn't at its optimal health, your SEO efforts will go in vain, no matter how much resources you invest.

Identify the technical issues harming your SEO with our complimentary health analysis audit.

With Support Guru by your side, we'll fix all the technical issues and boost your organic traffic together.

Your Website’s Performance

Focus on Business Growth, Not Tech Issues

Managing websites is challenging, especially without the support of an IT team at your disposal. Support Gurus handle website support and maintenance, allowing you to dedicate your time and energy to growing your business. 

Let us empower your business growth by taking tech issues off your shoulders.

Cost-Effective Technical Support for Your Business

Partner with Support Guru, your reliable technical team, instead of draining your budget on building an in-house IT team. We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific business needs. 

We ensure that your website remains fully functional and optimized, all without straining your finances.



WordPress Support & Maintenance

Specializing in WordPress, we empower you to dedicate your time to your business, while we optimize your WordPress site. Let's boost your organic traffic!

White Label WordPress Support & Maintenance

Effortlessly deliver superior website solutions to your clients as we navigate the technical challenges behind the scenes. Enjoy seamless revenue generation!

WooCommerce Support & Maintenance

Empower your online store with our specialized WooCommerce support. Focus on your business while we handle your technical challenges.

Cloud Support & Maintenance

Count on Support Gurus to handle any cloud environment issues you face. From deployment to scalability, our Gurus are here to solve your technical problems.

Hosting Support & Maintenance

If you are struggling with your hosting provider, Support Gurus are here to solve your technical headaches. Simply share your hosting-related issue & let the Gurus fix it.

Hourly Support Service

From one-time assistance to ongoing support, we have the perfect package for your needs. We are here to assist you, no matter the nature of your problem.

Why Choose
Support Guru?

We take pride in our cutting-edge custom tools designed to provide comprehensive website support and maintenance.

Our proprietary tools enable us to monitor security, performance, uptime, plugins, and backups – all from a centralized platform. This empowers us to be proactive, prompt, and solution-oriented in addressing any technical challenges.

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Reviews From Clients

We are dedicated to enhancing our services to cater to your needs better. Your input is crucial in shaping our ongoing improvements!

I recently began my Ecom journey using one of the famous hosting providers, and I unfortunately faced a lot of issues. Thankfully, I reached out to Support Guru to help backup my website and migrate it to a new host.

Ruby Whitman

I decided to migrate from a shared hosting server to a cloud server, but didn’t feel confident in doing the process myself. I may own an online shop of my own, however, I’m not so tech-savvy. Thankfully, I shared the info with Support Guru and they’ve helped backup and retrieve the necessary, for a fully functioning site, ready for visitors.

Micheal McKnight

I began facing issues whenever I had traffic on my website, which caused it to crash. I had contacted Support Guru with the idea of resolving my issue, and they’ve managed to assist me in scaling my website. Minimum downtime, high uptime, and a great amount of traffic!

Sarah Davis

I started a website without clear knowledge on which plugins mainly help my website, which slowed my website performance and speed. I wouldn’t know any of that, unless for the help of Support Guru. They’ve managed to explain the process and now I have a fully working website, with plugins that add more functionality.

Amelia Cox

Unfortunately, I had lost my website backup files and needed help retrieving them. Support Guru had made it all too real, by retrieving and assisting in setting up my website.

Cory Jones

My website has been taking too long to load, which is causing me to lose possible customers. I’ve attempted various support sites, including my own hosting provider, however, they’ve taken too long to respond. Support Guru optimized my media, along with my website and granted me a fast performing site.

Jack Howard

I’ve self managed my website using WordPress, however, I was unable to configure and back up my website. In fear of losing any data, I chose to contact Support Guru, as a safe measure. They’ve been super helpful, even with all the questions I’ve asked.

Justin Folkers

I’ve neglected my website for too long, and needed help with security, as well as an upgrade on my website in terms of technicality. Luckily, Guru Matthew saved the day by fixing it up and granting me an all-secure site.

Edmund Baylis

Got Questions?

How do I get started with my support & care plan?

Start by choosing the support and care plan that aligns with your requirements. Following your plan purchase, our Support team will reach out to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs.

How do I give my login credentials and make sure they are safe?

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of any information our clients provide to us. We use secure channels and encryption protocols to protect your confidential information. Please check the Privacy Policy to learn more details on how Support Guru ensures security.

Does it matter where I host my website to receive your services?

No, regardless of your hosting provider, Support Guru can offer assistance to resolve your hosting-related issues. However, if the issue persists due to the malfunctioning of your hosting provider’s system or servers, we do not guarantee resolution of the issue.

Do you offer phone support?

Currently, our primary mode of support is through online communication channels, such as email, live chat, or support tickets. These channels enable us to provide efficient and documented support, ensuring clear communication on and effective resolution of your inquiries or issues. In case of an emergency, you can contact +1 (646) 960-8800.

Do you also provide hosting services?

While we do not directly offer hosting services, we have established a close partnership with GuruDesk, our trusted hosting provider. Through this collaboration, we ensure that your hosting needs are met with utmost satisfaction. GuruDesk shares our commitment to excellence and provides reliable hosting solutions tailored to your requirements. Rest assured, with our combined expertise, we strive to deliver comprehensive support and an exceptional hosting experience for your website.

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